Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Good Online Game

My definition of a good MMO is the following.

The first thing that attracts me to a game is how pretty it looks. I’ve got a little bias towards the anime style, but that doesn’t stop some games from being attractive. The purpose of ads is to get you to join or whatever, so if the ad works, something’s got to be good.

Trailers work kind of like ads. Trailers can show a lot more. A trailer shouldn’t be completely pre-rendered graphics or animation; it should show off the game. Pre-rendered graphics are nice looking, but they’re supposed to be nice looking. They’re NOT what the game looks like though. It would be impressive if the game did look like that, but I’ve yet to find a game that is.

Something that can be seen in trailers is gameplay. Gameplay is a vastly important part of a game, it’s the part of the game you play. If the gameplay looks like a grind, most would find it boring, unless you’re really into grinding. MMOs are limited in gameplay, but that shouldn’t stop developers from making innovative games.

Music is important too. While many just listen to their mp3 players while playing, there are those who actually enjoy the game music. It doesn’t bother me too much if the music is simplistic or crappy, as long as it isn’t irritating.

Last, people depend on reviews to decide whether they want to play a game or not. That’s where I’ll come in. Reviews reveal what trailers don’t, all of the ups and downs, stuff about the community, the likes.

Stay tuned, hopefully I’ll have a real review up soon.

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